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    Waste Reduction Week - Electronics Challenge

    For the next two weeks (October 17 to 28), drop off your electronics at the Jasper Transfer Station and help Jasper schools raise funds! Read on...
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    Make a Difference - Join a Municipal Board

    The Municipality of Jasper is recruiting for the Culture & Recreation Board, the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee and the Greenspace Committee. Complete your application form online! Read on...
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    Proposed Wayfinding and Signage Guidelines

    On October 18, Council will vote on approving, in principle, the Wayfinding and Signage Guidelines developed by EDG of Vancouver, BC, based on input from a focus group involving community organizations. Read on...
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    Municipality releases Tourism Economic Impact Study

    Banff, Jasper and Canmore are working together to show the impact and benefits of hosting 4.3 million visitors a year when the cost of providing services for those visitors is wholly supported by the local taxpayers in their communities. Read on...
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    Jasper Fruit Share Program

    Need help picking your fruit? Want to share your fruit? Want fruit but don't have a fruit tree? The Fruit Share program is a platform for residents to harvest and share fruit from trees in Jasper while reducing bear attractants in the town site. Jasper Fruit Share page
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