Municipal Departments

The Municipality of Jasper is a thriving, sustainable community that provides services to enhance quality of life for residents. The municipality also maintains infrastructure necessary to meet the needs of the 2 million visitors who come to Jasper every year.
  1. Community & Family Services

    Jasper's Community and Family Services department includes Community Outreach Services and Wildflowers Childcare.

  2. Culture & Recreation

    Find out more about the Culture and Recreation Department's facilities, services and programs.

  3. Finance & Administration

    Learn about the Municipality of Jasper's administration and find out what business the residents can take care of at the Town Administration Office.

  4. Operations

    The Operations Department is responsible for utilities, the Waste Water Treatment Plant, and more.

  5. Protective Services

    The Jasper Fire Department consists of the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, an administration assistant, and the 30-member Jasper Volunteer Fire Brigade.