Community Development

Community Conversations - Join the discussion! 
The Municipality of Jasper's Community and Family Services department engages individuals, agency representatives and businesses in conversations about the community. Participants identify social issues and trends affecting all life-stages in Jasper and then problem solve together and take action to address issues collaboratively through programs, projects, initiatives or events. The aim is to increase the community's capacity to understand and address complex, multi-faceted social problems in a preventive and effective manner. 

Training for Individuals and Service Providers: 
The Community Development team coordinate training opportunities for communtiy members and human service providers.

Recent training sessions include: 
- Supporting individuals with addictions or mental health issues; 
- Understanding the link between nutrition and mental health;
- Using consensus-oriented decision making in a collaborative setting; 
- Drumming and dialogue on isolation and mental health; 
- Legalization of Cannabis; and
- Understanding Poverty and Privilege.  

Programs and Projects in The Community
The Community Development Team also organizes programs and special projects in Jasper that aim to connect Jasper residents with each other, with support services and with community life.

Example programs and projects include: 
- The Diversity Project; 
- Community Dinners; 
- Mental Health Awareness Week;
- The Wilderness Access Program;
- Santas Anonymous; and
- The Community Recreation and Resource Fair.