Committees & Boards

Application for Appointment

To apply to become a board or committee member, complete the Online Application Form or pick-up a paper copy and submit it in person or by mail to the Legislative Services Coordinator. Paper copies can also be picked up at the:
  • Jasper Activity Centre front desk
  • Jasper Municipal Library
  • Town Administration Office

Current Boards

Mayor and Council Appointments to Boards and Committees (PDF)

Jasper Community Team

The Jasper Community Team is made up of individuals and agency representatives who come together to identify issues and trends in the community. Together, participants share information, problem solve and provide mutual support.

Anyone is invited to take part in the Jasper Community Team by participating in one (or all) of the Collaborative Action Teams. Participants can come and go as availability allows and can switch between different Collaborative Action Teams or participate in the same one over and over.