Initiatives & Programs

  1. Dark Sky Preserve

    Dark Sky Preserves are designated by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and are established to promote the protection of nocturnal habitat and the visibility of the night skies.

  2. Energy Efficiency

    Jasper residents can apply for rebates on energy efficient products for their home in order to reduce your energy consumption and costs with energy efficient products.

  3. Jasper Fruit Share

    The Jasper Fruit Share group is a platform for residents to harvest and share fruit from fruit trees in Jasper. Need help picking your fruit? Want to share your fruit? Want fruit but don’t have a fruit tree? Connect here!

  4. Native Vegetation & Landscaping

    Learn about weed control initiatives and find information on selecting landscape that reflects the natural surroundings of Jasper.

  5. Storm Water

    Jasper residents and business owners can take many steps to minimize storm water pollution.

  6. Sustainable Buildings

    The built environment has a profound impact on our natural environment, economy, health, and productivity.

  7. Verbenone Pouch Program

    Protect your pine tree from Mountain Pine Beetles