Energy Efficiency

About the Program

NOTICE: The three-year Jasper Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program ends on June 30, 2017. 

Jasper residents can apply for rebates on energy efficient products for their home in order to reduce your energy consumption and costs with energy efficient products.

The Jasper Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program is an Environmental Stewardship initiative funded equally by Parks Canada and the Municipality of Jasper.

Products and Rebates

Energy Star Furnace
Energy Star Refrigerator
Energy State Clothes Washer
Programmable Thermostat
LED Lighting (Minimum purchase of $75)
How to Apply
  1. Review eligibility terms and conditions on the Rebate Application Form (PDF)
  2. Purchase product
  3. Submit Rebate Application Form and receipts
For more information about Energy Star qualified projects, please visit the National Resources Canada website.

Environmental & Financial Benefits
Homeowners are increasingly aware of the close links between energy efficiency and consumption, home comfort and a healthy environment. An energy-efficient home not only reduces energy costs, it is also a better place to live.

An energy-efficient home is better for the environment because less energy means fewer greenhouses gases contributing to climate change. The rebate program offers an incentive for residents to reduce their energy consumption through various uses. Collectively, changes to individual energy consumption can make a big difference.

Jasper Community Sustainability Plan

The Jasper Community Sustainability Plan identifies the environmental goal of promoting energy conservation. The Environmental Stewardship Program develops and implements programs that demonstrate leadership in environmental sustainability.

For More Information
Contact the Environmental Stewardship Coordinator Janet Cooper at 780-852-1563 or by email.