Town Services

  1. Business Licenses

    Find out how to apply for a business license, renew your license, or obtain a business license if you are a nonresident.

  2. Bylaw Enforcement Services

    Bylaw Enforcement Services is responsible for enforcing Jasper's bylaws and regulations.

  3. Cemetery

    Read about the policy of the cemetery grounds and view the cemetery bylaws.

  4. Employment

    The Municipality of Jasper recognizes the value of its employees and offers a work environment characterized by openness, fairness, and opportunity for development.

  5. Environmental Stewardship

  6. Forms

    Access event application forms, complaint forms, nomination forms, and more.

  7. Municipal Departments

    The Municipality of Jasper is a thriving, sustainable community that provides services to enhance quality of life for residents.

  8. Requests for Proposals & Tenders

    Find out what requests for proposals and tenders are currently posted by the Operations Department.

  9. Roads & Streets

    The Municipality of Jasper maintains street and roads within the town boundary.

  10. Taxes & Assessments

    Read about the assessment notices for this year, learn about municipal boards, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

  11. Utilities

    The Utilities Clerk is able to answer any questions regarding your water services or garbage bill.

  12. Media Releases

    Find the media releases issued by the Municipality of Jasper.