2017 Budget Discussions

In mid-November, the Municipality of Jasper published its proposed operating budget, capital budget and utility rates for 2017, kick-starting the public engagement process for the upcoming budget year.

Council and residents had an opportunity to review the document prior to the public budget meetings held on November 28 and 29.

Interim Budget Approved

On December 20, Council approved the Interim Operating Budget, Capital Budget and utility rates for 2017.

Council placed the following items in the "parking lot" for further discussion, once 2016 budget actuals are available: 

  • Hakone Exchange; 
  • Economic & Community Development Fund; 
  • Library request for an additional $25K and the provision of staff benefits; 
  • Jasper Museum & Archives request; 
  • Food program for Wildflowers Childcare; and
  • Council budget. 

The 2017 Capital Budget was approved as presented, with the exception of Bike Park Signage and Bike Park Water Supply, which will also be discussed further in 2017.

A final decision on the Operating Budget 2017 will be made  once 2016 year-end actuals are available.

Proposed Budget Highlights

  • First presentation of a three-year operating budget
  • $16.5M in total expenditures, with $9.1M in offsetting revenues
  • $7.4M in net operating costs, covered by municipal property tax dollars
  • $215,929 (3.01%) increase in net cost of operations from 2016
  • 1% increase in taxes generates about $73,830 in revenue
  • A tax over levy of approximately $37K in 2016 reduces the 2017 levy by 0.5%
Proposed Budget Highlights