The Jasper Community Team Society

The Jasper Community Team Society

The Jasper Community Team Society (JCTS) acts as a fundraising arm of the Community and Family Services department of the Municipality of Jasper.

Jasper is a welcoming, friendly and inclusive community. Jasperites have a strong sense of belonging and feel respected and valued.

Jasper's diverse residents have access to housing, transportation, infrastructure, education, recreation and community programming, and can participate in the social, cultural and natural aspects of community life.

JCTS is a registered non-profit society that supports programs, projects, events and initiatives that connect residents to each other, to support services and to community life.

Board of Directors:
Co-Chair - Jordan Tucker
Co-Chair - Leslie Dolan
Secretary - Angie Thom
Treasurer - Michelle Cherniawsky
Director - Oonagh Neilan
Director - Helene Gendron
Ex-Officio Board Member - Kathleen Waxer
Ex-Officio Board Member - Councillor Jenna McGrath

The Jasper Community Team Society
P.O. Box 1090 | 627 Patricia St.
Jasper, Alberta