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Street Banner Program

The Municipality of Jasper has 56 banners installed on street light poles on Connaught Drive, Pyramid Ave., and Patricia Street. The non-event type banners are decorative and generally have a theme consistent with the season. The Municipality also allows local business associations, non-profit groups, charitable organizations, and special events organizations to install banners. Up to 128 banner spots are available throughout town.

Annual Town Banner Program
Municipally owned banners are non-reserved banners that are put up during periods that are not reserved for other banners. These are not subject to a maximum duration of display but will normally be changed out each season. Non-reserved banners will be removed and replaced by reserved banners on their designated display dates.

Central Business District Banners
These banners are generally permanent installations in the CBD area and are funded by local businesses. The themes and design are the responsibility of the business group, but they must meet content and message criteria identified in the policy.

Event Banners
Community event banners will communicate events involving subject matter of interest to a significant portion of the residents and tourists of Jasper, and which is not a purely commercial enterprise, and where the proceeds, if any, will directly benefit a charitable or non-profit organization.

Application Guidelines
A banner is a canvas or similar fabric advertising sign which promotes a charitable, community, philanthropic or other public event.

How to Apply

Application Banners

Print and fill out an application form and submit it to the town administration office. Anyone can apply to install banners on street poles. Application and fees are to be submitted to the Municipal Administration Office. Approval of the banner application is dealt with by Environmental Services.

Required information

The following information is required in order for the application to be considered: design of banners (or picture), location of banners and dates for installation and removal. Banners can be placed on poles for 60 days. Request to extend the installation period after 60 days must be made with the application, and providing the poles are available.

General Design Guidelines
  • Refer to F-007: Street Banner Program Policy and Administrative Procedures for details and specifications
  • Banner must be made of durable cloth, canvas or nylon
  • Banner must be printed on both sides
  • Banner must fit existing mounting hardware
  • Message must be non-political, of general interest to the public, and can not be private or commercial advertising
  • It shall not detract from or hide traffic control signs
  • Proposed design must be approved by the Municipality of Jasper

Street Banner Program
Anti-idling Bylaw
Snow Removal
Street Banners
The Municipality of Jasper has 56 banners installed on street light poles on Connaught Drive, Pyramid Ave., and Patricia Street.
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