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Jasper Town Vision Statement

Jasper is a small, friendly and sustainable community set in the natural splendour of Jasper National Park.

Jasper is a community in which individual and collective actions respect and integrate the values of environmental stewardship, economic health, social equity, cultural vitality and participative governance.

Jasper residents value and promote quality services, affordability, eligible residency, controlled growth, and environmental responsibility. Community values emphasize the appreciation and preservation of Jasper’s history, architectural scale and character.

Jasper is represented by locally-elected residents administering a form of municipal government designed and accepted by the community and Parks Canada. Planning and decision-making are characterized by a high degree of local participation which respects both community and National Park values and authorities.

Jasper is both a home to its residents as well a destination for visitors from across Canada and around the world drawn to experience Jasper National Park, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jasper businesses and residents are essential partners in facilitating memorable visitor experiences.

Jasper is a leader in sound environmental practices and sustainable tourism. Residents and visitors respect the inherent value of Jasper National Park and accept and honour their environmental responsibilities.

Jasper offers accessible services and cultural amenities, lifelong learning opportunities, affordable housing and a safe and supportive living environment for all residents. Municipal taxes and land rent are fair and affordable, and municipal costs are equitably distributed among visitors, Parks Canada and the community. Seniors, families and young people are provided opportunities and encouragement to participate in the community and to remain in Jasper.

Jasper Community Sustainability Plan, September 2011

Richard Ireland
Municipality of Jasper

Greg Fenton
Field Unit Superintendent
Jasper National Park

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To provide open, honest and accountable government to the residents of Jasper.
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