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May 2015

Public Works Day
Thursday, May 21, 10:00am to 2:00pm, Activity Centre Parking Lot

As part of National Public Works Week, the Municipality's Operations Department will be holding a public event to showcase its services, equipment and programs.

Join us for lunch and learn about Jasper's public infrastructure; staff from each branch will be available to speak about their work and answer questions on the systems they maintain. Everyone is invited!

April 2015

Library Project Update for March 2015

The project schedule has been revised to reflect actual conditions being experienced on site, and show extended component completion dates. The overall completion date remains as originally scheduled (September 1, 2015).

The Municipality, the architects, the engineers and the contractor developed a clear project plan to complete the construction of the Jasper Library and Cultural Centre that does not increase the project cost or decrease the project scope. The Municipality of Jasper shared the project schedule with the community in December 2014, and this update is part of the monthly update to Council and the community at the first Committee of the Whole meeting of each month.

Library Project Update for March 2015

Mark Fercho, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
780-852-6501 or

Shaw Go WiFi Project - Engagement Results

At the April 14 Committee meeting, Council received the community engagement results for the Go WiFi initiative.

Residents raised several questions about the project, and Council directed Administration to seek answers before bringing the matter forward for discussion again. Concerns include health impacts, visual impacts, access requirements and impact on businesses.

Public Engagement Report - Free WiFi in Jasper

Visit the Public Engagement page for more information on the proposal.

Christine Nadon, Communications Manager
780-852-4724 or

Assessment Open House - Tuesday, April 14

Questions about your property assessment? Attend the Assessment Open House, where an assessor will be available to review your assessment, answer any questions and provide an explanation specific to your property.

Assessment Open House
Tuesday, April 14, 4:00 to 6:00pm
Gallery Room, Jasper Activity Centre

Additional information is available on the Taxes & Assessments page

Lavinia Henderson, Acting Director, Finance & Administration
780-852-6511 or

Council Committee Meeting - 10:30am start on Tuesday, April 14

Mayor and Council will be meeting with MP Jim Eglinski at 9:30am; Committee Meeting will
commence shortly after at 10:30am in the Emergency Services Building board room.

Beryl Cahill, Administrative Officer
780-852-6503 or

March 2015

Mayor and Council's Strategic Priorities Update - March 2015

Administration presented the first quarterly update on Mayor and Council’s Strategic Priorities at the March 24 committee meeting, highlighting progress made in the areas of governance, organizational health, fiscal health, relationships and communications.

Strategic Priorities Quarterly Report, March 2015

TOWN HALL > Mayor and Council > Strategic Priorities

Sidewalk Seating Pilot Project 2015
Jasper restaurants invited to submit applications by Thursday, March 26, 2015. 

At the March 17 meeting, Mayor and Council approved a proposal to have sidewalk seating in front of established restaurants downtown for 2015. This initiative is considered private use of public space, and the pilot project will help the Municipality research how to best regulate such activities in the future.

The project will require a number of approvals from the Municipality and from Parks Canada. As Jasper has relatively narrow sidewalks, the 1.8 meters of unobstructed sidewalk requirement is likely to be the stumbling block for most applicants.

If you are interested in participating in this pilot project as a Jasper restaurant, please complete Part 1 only of the Sidewalk Seating Application and submit it to the Municipality of Jasper by March 26, 2015.

Sidewalk Seating Introduction Letter
Sidewalk Seating Application Package

Mark Fercho, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) or 780-852-6501

2015 Assessment Notices
The Municipality mailed assessment notices to all property owners on March 5, 2015. Property values are assessed annually to reflect estimated market values, and are used to determine property taxes.

If you have questions or concerns about your property assessment:
  • Attend the annual Assessment Open House on Tuesday, April 14 from 4:00 to 6:00pm in the Gallery Room at the Jasper Activity Centre. An assessor will be available to review your assessment, answer questions and provide explanations specific to your property; and/or
  • If you still disagree with your assessment, complete an Assessment Review Board complaint form and drop it off at the administration office, along with the appropriate fee.
The deadline for assessment appeals is Monday, May 4, 2015.

Visit the Taxes and Assessment page for details.

Funding Opportunities
Applications accepted until March 31.

Community & Economic Development Funds
Twice a year, Mayor and Council provide financial assistance opportunities to local non-profit groups and individuals with the goal of improving the quality of life of Jasper residents (Community Development Fund) or assisting community economic enhancement or promotion of the Municipality of Jasper (Economic Development Fund).

A brief description of the event, project or activity for which the funding is requested, a clear statement of the benefit of the project or activity, and a statement of revenues and expenditures must be provided. Visit the Community & Economic Development Funds page for application forms and detailed information on the application process.

Jasper Sports & Culture Foundation
Awards available to individuals pursuing excellence in the development of sports and/or culture in Jasper

Applications must be submitted by 4:00pm on Tuesday, March 31.

Visit the Funding Opportunities page for more information.

February 2015

Shaw Go WiFi Project

Mayor and Council would like to hear from community members before considering an agreement with Shaw for the provision of free WiFi in Jasper. Shaw is proposing to install wireless signal emitters on municipal infrastructure, in locations approved by the Municipality.

Your comments will be recorded in an online survey and reviewed by Mayor and Council prior to making a decision on Shaw's proposal at a public Council meeting.

Visit the Public Engagement page for more information and to take the online survey. Surveys will be accepted until Friday, March 13.

Council Approves 2015 Operating Budget

At the February 17 regular meeting, Council  approved the 2015 Operating Budget in the amount of $14,368,429, representing a 4.64% tax increase. The final budget accommodates the new Collective Agreement and final figures for the 2014 cost of utilities. 

Visit the Budgets page for more information. 

January 2015

Tour of Alberta Local Organizing Committee - Volunteers Needed

Interested in getting involved with the Tour of Alberta? The Jasper Partnership is recruiting volunteers for the Local Organizing Committee!

Volunteer positions include:
  • Chairperson(s)
  • Operations Director
  • Technical Director
  • Media/PR Director
  • Volunteer Director
  • Sponsorship Director
  • VIP/Hospitality Director
  • Ceremony Director
  • Education Director
  • Auxiliary Event Director
Local Organizing Committee Position Descriptions

Forward your resume to or drop it off in person at the municipal administration office located at 303 Pyramid Lake Road.

The first application due date is Monday, February 2 at 4:00pm.
Applications will continue to be accepted until all positions are filled.

2015 Capital Budget

At the January 20 regular meeting, Council approved the 2015 Capital Budget.

Investments for 2015 are focused on completing existing projects and purchasing equipment required to maintain current service levels, including a new Zamboni for the Arena, a grader for road maintenance and a new Fire Pumper truck.  Fire Truck Backgrounder

Council approved $150,000 for additional maintenance to underground infrastructure in the Colin-Bonhomme area, in preparation for future system upgrades. Administration is working on an Asset Management Plan to help secure grant funding to support larger-scale improvements.

 2015 Capital Budget

Tour of Alberta Coming to Jasper in 2015

The Municipality of Jasper, in collaboration with Parks Canada and Tourism Jasper, is pleased to announce that Stage 4 of the Tour of Alberta will take place in Jasper on September 5, 2015.

Tour of Alberta Media Release

Parks Canada Media Release

“The Municipality of Jasper is thrilled to host the first ever Rocky Mountain Stage of the Tour of Alberta. Biking is immensely popular internationally as an exciting sport and as a healthy, active transportation alternative with low environmental impact. It is so exciting and so fitting to have such a high calibre and high-profile event showcased in Jasper’s majestic, natural venue. We are proud to be a world-renowned vacation destination which welcomes over two million visitors per year and are looking forward to the international exposure that this world class event will bring to Jasper and Jasper National Park for years to come.”
Richard Ireland, Mayor, Municipality of Jasper.

The Municipality expects that the return on investment the Tour of Alberta will provide far exceeds the initial investment required to become a host community. The event will showcase some of the world’s best cyclists riding Jasper’s scenic roads to 45 million viewers internationally – an exceptional opportunity to promote Jasper as a tourism destination.

In addition to promoting Jasper as a world class cycling destination, the Tour of Alberta supports our commitment to promoting green transportation alternatives and healthy, active lifestyles. The event can be accommodated using existing infrastructure and facilities, and is very fitting with the recreation opportunities already available in the park.

Council Approves 2015 Interim Budget

Council approved the 2015 interim operating budget at its January 6 meeting, proposing a 4.37% tax increase.

Councillors expressed satisfaction with the ‘lean budget’ presented by Administration, focusing on investments in existing infrastructure and maintaining current service levels. Final figures for the 2014 cost of utilities for municipal buildings will be available in February, which will allow for a more accurate cost projection for 2015.

Council will make a final decision on the 2015 operating budget once this information is available.

Visit the Budget page for details on the impact of the proposed increases

December 2014

Library Project Update and Revised Schedule

The Library and Cultural Centre project has been subject to a number of operational issues during construction, resulting in lengthy delays. The Municipality, the architects, the engineers, and the contractor recently held a number of intense meetings to resolve outstanding issues: the result is a clear project plan to complete the construction that does not increase the project cost or decrease the project scope.

The Municipality of Jasper is sharing the project schedule with the community, as everyone is invited to be aware of the goals we will be monitoring through to project completion and opening of the facility. All parties are working together to produce a quality building for the community. 

Library and Cultural Centre Project Revised Schedule - December 9, 2014

Proposed Municipal Budget 2015

Council received the Proposed Municipal Budget 2015 at the December 2 regular meeting,
presenting a proposed tax increase of 4.37%.

Council will review the proposed budget and receive presentations from Directors at public meetings on December 16 and 17; a decision on the proposed budget is scheduled to be made on January 6, 2015.

The proposed Municipal Budget 2015 presents minimal or no budget increases, with the exception of the municipal water system and the Culture and Recreation facilities, which both have components aged beyond their service life that are now failing.

Aging infrastructure repairs are the main cost increase for 2015. This increase was offset by reducing costs where possible, resulting in a proposed budget presenting a 4.37% tax increase, or approximately $87 per average household.

Residents are encouraged to review budget documents, attend public meetings and forward any questions or comments to the Municipality, online or in person.

Visit the Budget page to download the Proposed Budget 2015

November 2014

Council's Strategic Priorities

Mayor and Council are pleased to share the Strategic Priorities for this Council’s term from 2013 to 2017.

Based on community goals and objectives established in the 2011 Jasper Community Sustainability Plan, Council’s priorities will form Administration’s priorities in budgets and work plans.

While the Municipality will maintain focus on all areas of its responsibility, Governance, Organizational Health, Fiscal Health, Relationships and Communications will hold a slightly higher level of priority in order to achieve the long term vision of the Community Sustainability Plan. Progress will be reported to Council monthly at a regular meeting, and to the community in the form of an annual report.

Council will be asked to formally endorse the document at the November 18 meeting.

Municipality of Jasper Strategic Priorities, 2013 to 2017

Evergreens Foundation

The Municipality of Jasper is a member of the Evergreens Foundation, a non-profit organization providing affordable housing for seniors in the West Yellowhead region.

The Foundation is funded through a yearly financial requisition to participating municipalities, which appears on municipal tax notices along with the Alberta school tax requisition.

The Evergreens Foundation is developing proposals for the expansion of its Hinton and Edson facilities. At the November 4 regular meeting, Council received a letter from the Foundation outlining the challenges ahead and requesting Council support for the development of additional seniors’ housing in the region. Council will be discussing the matter further and voting on a resolution at the November 18 meeting.

Evergreens Foundation Letter to Council dated October 30, 2014

October 2014

Council Organizational Meeting
Tuesday, October 28

Municipal Council will be holding an Organizational Meeting on Tuesday, October 28, immediately following the Committee-of-the-Whole meeting (around 11:00am) upstairs in the Emergency Services Building board room.

As outlined in the Municipal Government Act, Council must hold an organizational meeting annually not later than two weeks after the 3rd Monday in October. At this meeting, Councillors confirm their meeting schedule, appointments to committees and boards as well as terms of office for the Deputy Mayor and Acting Mayor roles.

Questions? Concerns? 
Office of the Mayor, Beryl Cahill
780-852-6503 or

Remove Items from Cemetery

Winter is coming! Please remove any personal items from the plots or graves by the end of October; items left on monuments or winter crosses will not be disturbed.

Items left after November 1st will be removed and put in storage for 30 days, after which they will be disposed of. Thank you for your collaboration.

The Municipal Grounds Crew

September 2014

Parking Restrictions on Bonhomme Street
Caribou Creek Sidewalks Project

Sidewalk construction is scheduled to start the week of September 2; vehicle parking will be limited in the area until the end of September. 

Parking on the north side of Bonhomme Street will be prohibited for the duration of the project. Parking accommodations will be provided whenever possible, including evenings (after 6:00pm) and weekends. Concrete forming and pouring will affect access to driveways; affected residents will receive advance notice.

Residents on both sides of the affected area are encouraged to find alternative parking arrangements to avoid congestion during this period.

Questions? Concerns? 
Operations Department
780-852-3040 or

What's Happening at the Fire Hall?
The hose tower is getting a face-lift!

Contractors are repairing a leak in the roof of the hose tower, which involves roofing, stucco and interior work to be performed on the structure, all the way into Chief Van Tighem’s office.

The project is expected to last three to four weeks. Please use the provided pathway when walking in the area and watch out for workers and equipment.

August 2014

Council Approves Multi-Purpose Open Space on Exchange Lands

At the August 5, 2014 regular meeting, Council approved the proposed Multi-Purpose Open Space remediation plan for the Exchange Lands.

Council acknowledges the concerns brought forward by residents and will take into account considerations for the adjoining sports field, located on Grande Yellowhead Public School Division's land. Maintaining usability of the sports field will be part of the discussions on site rehabilitation.

The proposal features remediation elements defined in the 2011 Land Exchange Agreement: a fenced, irrigated and landscaped piece of land restored to a condition satisfactory to the Municipality of Jasper and similar to that originally in place on Parcel R11. The proposal is a contemporary interpretation of the spirit of the Bowling Green – a high-traffic, durable grassed area with trees around the perimeter of the park, providing the foundation for a versatile and central recreation area without compromising any future use of the parcel.

Read the Request for Decision   Extract from the July 15, 2014 Council meeting agenda

For more information, please contact:
Christine Nadon, Communications Manager
780-852-4724 or

July 2014

Library Capital Budget Increase

At the July 15 regular meeting, Council approved the increase of the Library and Cultural Centre project budget by $500,000 to allow for payment of outstanding invoices.

As per municipal policy, expenditures exceeding budget limits require approval from Council. The Municipality must continue to pay invoices until the project reaches substantial completion; only then will the mediation process for resolving disputes begin.

Despite rigorous cost control, the current projected cost of completing the project is $9.457M. Council’s recent decision to increase the budget from $8.5M to $9M allows administration to pay outstanding bills, but also allows Council to maintain transparency and political oversight on the project: expenses over the $9M budget will return to Council for approval.

 Request for Decision and Summary of Costs to Date   Extract from the July 15, 2014 Council meeting agenda

Library Project Page - Timeline and Budget Overview

For more information, please contact:
Christine Nadon, Communications Manager

Be a Good Neighbour - Pick Up After Your Pets

If you walk your pets in a community green space, remember to pick up after them!
  • Respect other park users; everyone uses our community green spaces, including kids who may not notice where they’re stepping!
  • Carry a bag with you, pick up after your pet and dispose of the waste appropriately.
  • Bylaw Enforcement Officers will be monitoring problematic areas to encourage responsible behaviour; under the Domestic Animal Bylaw (#126), you could receive a $75 fine for neglecting to pick up after your pet.
Questions? Concerns?
Bylaw Department

Canada Day Pancake Breakfast

The Municipality of Jasper would like to thank the following organizations for their support and donations in support of the 2014 Canada Day Pancake Breakfast:
  • Rocky Mountain Roasters
  • Mountain Park Lodges
  • Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre
  • Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
  • Evil Dave's Grill
  • Earl's Restaurant
  • Athabasca Motor Hotel
  • Sysco Foods
  • Spolumbo Fine Foods
  • Jasper Lions Club

June 2014

Council Announces New CAO

Jasper Municipal Council is pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. Mark Fercho as Chief Administrative Officer for the Municipality of Jasper. Mr. Fercho will be assuming the role starting September 1, 2014, following Mr. Peter Waterworth’s retirement.

Municipality of Jasper Announces New CAO   June 27, 2014

May 2014

State of the Municipality

On Wednesday, May 14, Mayor Richard Ireland presented the second annual State of the Municipality address at the Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce meeting.

State of the Municipality 2014

Exchange Lands

At the May 13, 2014 Committee meeting, Communications Manager Christine Nadon requested direction from Council with regards to public engagement planning for the Exchange Lands.

Request for Direction - Exchange Lands  May 13, 2014

Trailer and RV Parking

The Jasper Traffic Bylaw (#104) allows recreational vehicle parking on the roadway immediately beside the owner or operator's residence, from May 1 to October 31 of each year.

The time limit for parking any vehicle on the street is 72 consecutive hours. Recreational vehicles parked on the street must show registration to a Jasper address.

Trailers – either recreational or for carrying goods or equipment – must be attached to a vehicle. This includes tent trailers, fifth wheel trailers, boat trailers, utility trailers and campers not mounted on trucks.

Questions? Concerns?
Call 780-852-5514 or email


May 2014

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