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Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Municipality of Jasper contracts United Water to operate the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Jasper's waste water treatment plant, built and operational in 2003, is a biological nutrient removal system which significantly reduces the level of total suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand and nutrients in the final effluent.

After primary and secondary treatment, an ultraviolet system disinfects the effluent prior to its discharge into the exfiltration system. When the treated effluent enters the exfiltration basin, some of the water is lost through evaporation and taken up by plants and the rest percolates through the various layers and out into the wetlands along the Athabasca River. Natural vegetation absorbs nutrients from the effluent, further purifying the water before it migrates to the river. Water quality of the effluent entering the Athabasca River is consistently better than required by provincial standards.

About Jasper's Waste Water Treatment Plant

To contact the office, call 780-852-4301.

Waste Water Treatment Plant
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Waste Water Treatment Plant
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To contact the office call 780-852-4301.
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