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Waste Management

Recycling and Composting in Jasper
The Municipality of Jasper and Parks Canada continually strive to increase waste diversion in the town of Jasper. Reducing the quantity of waste that is trucked and buried in the West Yellowhead Regional Landfill reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions and extends the life of the landfill.

What goes where?
  • Two recycling depots are available for cardboard, paper, newsprint, beverage containers, tin, glass, plastic, household batteries, organics and plastics.

  • Regular waste and kitchen organics bins are conveniently located throughout the town. All bins in Jasper whether for recyclables, kitchen organics or waste are wildlife-proof, equipped with special latches that keep even the bears out! In a national park keeping wildlife out of waste containers keeps everyone safe.

  • Beverage container bins are available through the town. In Alberta all beverage containers can be returned to the local bottle depot for the refund deposit. Every container that holds a drink has a 10¢ or 25¢ refund.

  • The Jasper Transfer Station accepts Ewaste (computers, cell phones and TVs), Household Hazardous Waste, tires, appliances, metal, wood and other large items such as furniture.

  • More info: What goes where

Why doesn’t Jasper have curbside pick-up?
New residents often wonder why Jasper doesn’t have curbside pick-up like other communities across Canada. There are several reasons:
  • The main reason is that all waste must be secure from wildlife. Leaving bins with easily accessible waste, recyclables or organics would soon draw in opportunistic animals, creating a safety hazard for everyone.

  • In larger centres, all recyclables can be put in a blue bin for pick-up. In Jasper we do not have access to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF), a specialized plant that receives, separates and prepares recyclable materials for marketing to end-user manufacturers. Manual sorting would be costly and inefficient. This is why in Jasper residents sort their own recyclables and take them to the nearest depot.

  • The option of curbside pick-up with specialized roll-bins was explored by a waste management specialist firm in 2011. A recommendation of the final report was that it would be most cost-effective for Jasper to retain the current infrastructure and continue to promote recycling and composting in order to increase program participation.

  • Jasper is a small community far from Alberta’s major centres. The total tonnage of waste, recyclables and organics produced by Jasper is relatively low. As a new member of the Waste Yellowhead Regional Landfill Authority Jasper plans to work with its partners (Hinton, Edson, and Yellowhead County) to explore regional efficiencies. 


    Open Tuesday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm and Saturday 8:30am - 12:30pm
    closed Sundays and Mondays


Commercial Cardboard
Mixed paper, shredded paper, newspaper and cardboard can be dropped off at the municipal Environmental Services building. The loading bay door is on the east side of the building. Bringing paper directly to the baling bay takes the pressure off of the other recycling areas in town.

Commercial Cardboard Drop-off Hours
Everyday  1:00 - 4:00 pm

No dumping outside building outside of business hours.
Cardboard boxes do not have to be broken down if you take advantage of the public hours of operation.

Commercial Kitchen Organics Collection
The Municipality of Jasper operates a commercial organics collection program. Composting helps to greatly reduce the quantity of garbage that your business produces. By choosing to compost your organics you are making an environmentally responsible choice. Composting will help reduce your garbage costs. Organic waste is collected by the Municipality three times a week from June - October (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) and twice a week during the winter (Wednesday & Saturday).


Beverage Container Recycling
Janet Cooper
Environmental Stewardship Coordinator
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