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Special Events


Green Roof Seminar

Interested in learning about green roofs?
Join us on Weds., October 29 at 7:00 pm at the Jasper High School.
Kerry Ross, of Green T Designs from Calgary will talk about:

  • types of Green Roofs
  • associated costs
  • benefits of green roofs
  • and challenges and barriers.

Coming in December ........

Just Eat It  a documentary on food waste

Monday, December 15   7pm, location TBA
Filmmakers Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer turn themselves into test subjects in this hugely entertaining study of America's culture of excess. Jenny and Grant are coming to Jasper to talk about their new film!! 

Toward Zero Waste Events

Events can generate a lot of waste, which can be both costly and have a negative impact on the environment.

A Zero Waste Event is any event that works towards minimizing waste generation and maximizing reusing and recycling to achieve the greatest possible waste diversion.

Event organizers have the most influence in minimizing waste at public events. Thoughtful, strategic planning for waste collection at an event will help achieve a toward zero waste goal. Event organizers can also encourage other key stakeholders to participate in waste reduction, composting and recycling

Recycling and Waste Management
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Environmental Stewardship Coordinator
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