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  Saturday, March 28 at 8:30 pm

Turning off your lights for one hour may seem like a small environmental act when compared to the scope of the challenge that climate change presents. But that small act, when replicated by millions of people around the globe serves as a resounding statement of support for collective action on climate change.

A grassroots movement that began in March 2007 in Australia, Earth Hour has now become the single-largest community-led initiative for energy conservation in the world. Hosted by the World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour is now an annual event. Over 13 million Canadians participated in Earth Hour last year.

The Energy Conservation Movement

Now more than ever before, communities are powering the energy conservation movement. At home and at work, individuals are taking simple energy conservation actions. Here in Jasper residents can take advantage of the Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program when they purchase high efficiency furnaces, refrigerators, washing machines, programmable thermostats and LED lights. Reducing energy consumption reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Toward Zero Waste Events

Events can generate a lot of waste, which can be both costly and have a negative impact on the environment.

A Zero Waste Event is any event that works towards minimizing waste generation and maximizing reusing and recycling to achieve the greatest possible waste diversion.

Event organizers have the most influence in minimizing waste at public events. Thoughtful, strategic planning for waste collection at an event will help achieve a toward zero waste goal. Event organizers can also encourage other key stakeholders to participate in waste reduction, composting and recycling

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