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Jasper Community Housing Corporation (JCHC)


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Who We Are
The Jasper Community Housing Corporation (JCHC) is a wholly owned non-profit corporation of the Municipality of Jasper. The JCHC was incorporated in July of 2007 and began operations with a five person Board of Directors in February of 2009. Board members are appointed by municipal Council, and the Chairperson of the Board is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Municipality. Two councillors and two residents of the Municipality of Jasper also sit on the Board.

Meeting Minutes
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The Board Members Are:
Mark Fercho, Chairperson, CAO, Municipality of Jasper
Vonna Arsenault,  Director, Councillor
Brian Nesbitt,  Director, Councillor             
Trish Tremblay, Director, Resident
Chad Gulevich, Director, Resident

Affordable, comfortable accommodation is vital to the long term sustainability and vitality of the community and the individuals involved. Affordable housing attracts skilled and energetic workers as well as encouraging young families with children to make Jasper their home. This in turn becomes the stable, knowledgeable workforce vital to the prosperity of Jasper’s tourism industry.

Corporate Objective

To advance, promote, facilitate, maintain, assist, establish and support, by any means whatsoever, including partnering with others, the objective of contributing affordable, sustainable housing to meet the needs of eligible residents within the Town of Jasper which enhances the values described in the Jasper Community Vision Statement, or any replacement for that Statement.

Housing needs and demands of Jasper residents will be assessed through examination of statistical data, surveys, census information and community consultation. Information gathered will help the JCHC understand the housing market and will be used to set direction and goals for future initiatives. The JCHC will provide individuals and organizations with the tools they need to improve and diversify housing options within Jasper. To minimize fiscal risk to the town of Jasper, the JCHC will not act as a funding body.

Ongoing projects:

  • Update and review housing statistics; produced survey for business community and collected specific housing information as part of Census data collection;
  • With Parks Canada, secured commitment for License of Occupation of lands available for future development;
  • Council passed Bylaw #147, authorizing a loan guarantee for the Caribou Creek Non-profit Housing Corporation, resulting in the construction of a 69 unit affordable housing development;
  • Ongoing consultation with stakeholders, professionals, potential developers and community members at JCHC Board meetings;
  • Review of 2002 Housing study;
  • Explore funding opportunities through CMHC; and
  • Ensure residents of MPL Place meet requirements as set forth by the Alberta Government to reside in subsidized affordable housing.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Community Café for the public: public consultation to determine needs of the community, dispel myths and promote partnerships resulting in development;
  • Community Café for business owners: consultation with business owners to examine staff accommodation needs and promote partnerships resulting in development;
  • Development Plan (for staff housing) commissioned by MOJ; completed by StaffRes Inc. and available for future developers to review and consider;
  • Partnership reached between JCHC and Jas-Day investments resulting in the construction of MPL Place, a 42 bed affordable housing development; 
  • Facilitated development of Alpine Summit Seniors Lodge, a 36 bed seniors’ assisted living facility;
  • Patricia Circle Redevelopment Plan completed, unable to proceed with development: not financially viable, unable to partner with lease holders;
  • Housing Authority Bylaw considered and reviewed, deemed ineffective as commercial cap for Jasper would not allow sufficient revenue to proceed with development. 

Jasper Community Housing Corporation (JCHC)
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