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Activity Centre Renovations


Total cost of project: $5.5M

Source of funding:
$1.5M each from the federal, provincial, and municipal governments, with an additional $1M borrowed from the ACFA to be paid off in 5 years.

Project completion date: Fall 2011 

General Contractor: Stuart Olson Dominion Construction

Project Architect: Toker & Associates

New Facility Schedule
(starting November 4)
October 2011 Project Report
Friday, November 4 at 7am the Jasper Fitness Centre will be open! Check out our  Facility Schedule for details on expanded Fitness Centre and Pool access!

Please note that the existing climbing wall and weight room are both closed from November 1 to 3 to allow for the relocation of equipment to the new facility.

Fitness Centre Floorplan
Grand Opening Ceremony
The Municipality of Jasper is celebrating! On Thursday, November 10, join the Mayor and Council for the Library Redevelopment sod-turning at 11:30am, followed by the Grand Opening of the Jasper Fitness Centre at 12:00 noon.

Free hot-dogs, beverages and cake will be served as we also celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Jasper Arena. Come join us on your lunch break!

Fitness Centre Equipment
Check out the attached  floorplan, showing in red the existing equipment that will be relocated to new facility and in black the new equipment we were able to purchase with our current budget, as part of the Culture and Recreation department recapitalization plan. Check out the project pictures for images of the new equipment and climbing wall routes!

Please note: final deficiencies will be corrected through the month of November; do not be alarmed to see contractors finishing up little details here and there.

See you at the Fitness Centre!


Did you know...
  • Did you know that our fitness centre space will roughly double compared to what we have now? We currently have 2200ft2 and our new facility will be roughly 5000ft2!
  • Did you know that the daycare is currently running a waiting list of between 12 and 20 children? Our expanded daycare will be able to accommodate all of those children, with a few more spaces at the ready too!
  • Many residents are keen to get into the fabulous new fitness facility, and we want to make sure everyone understands that while there will be a few pieces of equipment replaced as part of the recapitalization budget, there is not enough in the budget (and our grant specifically does not support furniture and the like) to buy all new equipment. If you are interested in forming a not for profit organization with the goal of accessing funding opportunities to purchase new equipment, contact the Jasper Activity Centre to be added to the interest list.
  • Dominion Construction has been site separating our renovation waste and recycling much of it since day one of our project? Only clean wood and chemical waste is going to the Jasper Transfer Station for appropriate disposal, while metals and concrete are sorted, cleaned and sent to the Hinton station for recycling. General waste (what little there is) is also sent to Hinton.

About the renovation

Increasing demand for upgraded fitness facilities and daycare space has been clearly communicated by residents and visitors, including but not limited to a community consultation process on facility use in 2006. The infrastructure of the aging Activity and Aquatic Centres are rapidly becoming functionally obsolete, and in need of replacement with new, high efficiency equivalents. The Municipality of Jasper has secured funding for this project and has contracted the design architects Toker and Associates. 

The objectives of this program are to:

  • Inspire Community Wellness through increased service capacity, sustainability, and environmentally conscious role modeling;
  • Respond to community demand for a larger and more inviting fitness centre, including climbing facilities;
  • Increase daycare space to meet the current and future needs of the community;
  • Improve allocation and efficient use of existing space; and
  • Investigate and identify potential cost effective opportunities for energy efficient technologies.

Design Development Package (1.2 MB)

Activity Centre Renovation Pictures
Frequently Asked Questions
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