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Communities in Bloom


Tidy Up Tuesday
at 2:00pm for 20 minutes on May 12

Participate in this community initiative to help beautify our town!
  • Sweep the sidewalk, gutter and parking lane;
  • Pull weeds;
  • Pick-up litter and cigarette butts; and
  • Tidy-up back alleys.
Every little bit helps!
The street sweeper will run downtown (between Hazel Avenue and Pyramid Lake Road) once a week to collect the dust from the clean up effort.

Click on the image to view the poster

2015 International Competition
Judging Day is Monday, July 27

People, Plants and Pride... Growing Together

Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization promoting civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community participation and the challenge of a friendly competition.

Behind the scenes of our world-renowned vacation destination, a dedicated group of residents and volunteers work together to support the objectives and values of the Communities in Bloom program, promoting involvement and action by citizens of all ages, municipal government, local organizations and businesses.

The program strives to improve the tidiness, appearance and visual appeal of neighbourhoods, parks, open spaces and streets through the imaginative use of flowers, plants and trees. A focus on environmental awareness and preservation of heritage and culture is also embedded in the program, resulting in improved quality of life for participating communities.

Evaluation Criteria
  • Tidiness
    • Overall cleanliness of green spaces, medians, boulevards, sidewalks, streets, etc.
  • Environmental Action
    • Sustainable development, waste reduction measures, landfill sites, recycling initiatives, water source and treatment, etc.
  • Heritage Conservation
    • Natural heritage management, preservation and restoration of buildings, homes, churches, monuments, artifacts, etc.
  • Urban Forestry
    • Distribution of trees, inventory, variety, suitability, new plantings, main street programs, etc.
  • Landscape
    • Location and use, balance of plants, materials and constructed elements, harmony, color, texture, shapes, tasteful integration, maintenance, etc.
  • Floral Displays
    • Arrangements of flowers and plants, originality, distribution, location, diversity and balance, quality and maintenance of flower beds, etc.

    Do you have an idea for a project or initiative that would support the Communities in Bloom mandate? Contact Committee Co-Chair Colleen Green at

    For more information on the Communities in Bloom program, visit

    2014 International Competition Participant
    • 5 bloom rating
    • Special mention for Effort and Innovation in Urban Forestry Protection
    2014 Evaluation Form

    2013 International Competition Participant
    • 5 bloom rating
    • Special mention for Heritage Preservation - St. Mary and St. George Church
    • Best Residential Flower Garden - Annelies Laggner
    Official Results Media Release
    2013 Evaluation Form

    2012 National Competition Winner
    Jasper Wins Communities in Bloom Competition - Press Release
    2012 National Results - Press Release
    2012 Evaluation Form - Jasper

    2011 National Competition Participant
    • National Communities in Bloom Competition finalist in the 3,001 to 7,500 population category.
    • 4 Bloom rating and a special mention for the Student Banner Project.
    2011 National Results

    Communities in Bloom
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    Communities in Bloom
    Colleen Green &
    Shannon Greer

    Co-Chairs, Communities in Bloom Committee
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