Wildflowers Childcare

Wildflowers Childcare is licensed by Alberta Human Services and provides accredited, high quality care and early learning opportunities for children from birth to school-age. Wildflowers strives to offer inclusive, accessible, affordable, quality childcare for all. Wildflowers Childcare is a non-profit, non-sectarian program under the administration of and subsidized by the Municipality of Jasper.
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Our Philosophy 

Wildflowers Childcare's Early Childhood Teachers operate on the premise that each child is a unique individual with his or her own individual needs and capabilities. Wildflowers provides each child with a bright, positive, nurturing and secure environment. Research shows that it is through play that children build a solid foundation for later learning. The staff at Wildflowers Childcare provide each child with a varied, interesting and developmentally appropriate program, which encourages active participation and provides first-hand experiences. Wildflowers incorporates nature into daily activities, following the seasons with stories and songs, celebrating seasonal festivals, playing with natural toys, and encouraging children to use their imaginations.