Our Staff & Rooms

Wildflowers Childcare staff are dedicated to supporting children and aiding them in developing a positive self-esteem and a positive attitude alongside opportunities for social interaction, learning, independence and responsibility.
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Staff Qualifications  

All staff employed at Wildflowers Childcare are qualified Early Childhood Teachers and, as such, are issued with one of the following certifications by Childcare Staff Qualifications through the Provincial Childcare Licensing Board: 


  1. Level 1 Early Childhood Educator
  2. Level 2 Early Childhood Educator
  3. Level 3 Early Childhood Educator

Some newly-hired staff may be granted an exemption until they complete the Child Development Assistant requirement within the first six months of employment. These certifications are based on a combination of experience and training in Early Childhood Education. All full-time staff also have a valid Emergency Childcare First Aid Certificate. All staff, paid or volunteer, are required to have a criminal record check and a Child and Family Services intervention record check before working with the children at the Centre. 
Meet the staff


We have 5 different rooms at Wildflowers Childcare , each named after a flower.  Rooms are organized by age and developmental level. Wildflowers Childcare also boasts two beautiful outdoor play spaces where children can learn, play and explore while getting fresh air. Here are some photos of the outdoor spaces at Wildflowers.   

  1. Buttercups - Infants - Room Photo
  2. Marigolds - Toddlers - Room Photo
  3. Clovers  - Older Toddlers - Room Photo
  4. Bluebells - Preschool Aged  - Room Photo
  5. Sunflowers - Preschool Aged - Room Photo

Here are some sample daily schedules to give you an idea of what a day looks like at Wildflowers.