Water & Sewer Services

Service Requests & Billing Information
Please contact Lloyd Sommers at 780-852-6505 or by email with any questions.

Drinking Water Results
The public can access the drinking water results of all communities using the e-reporting system on the Regulated Drinking Water website. Albertans will be able to view bacteriological sampling results for indicators that have direct impact on human health for all facilities that have requirements to submit samples to the Provincial Health Labs.

In addition, the public can compare other indicators of water quality and treatment effectiveness such as turbidity and chlorine against approval limits and the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality for those facilities who have converted to online monitoring.

Alberta Environment Inspection Reports
The website includes reporting on inspections completed by Alberta Environment on all drinking water systems holding an approval or registration. In addition to allowing the public access to drinking water quality information and accountability to ensure that water treatment facilities meet drinking water quality performance standards, this initiative minimizes the manual effort involved in paper-based reporting.

The conversion to electronic reporting is voluntary to date, however, it likely that electronic reporting will become mandatory in the future.

Reducing Water Consumption
Visit the Environmental Stewardship page for information and ways to help.