Street Banners

The Municipality of Jasper operates a street banner program to enhance its streetscapes and promote messages reflecting the values of the community and Jasper National Park.

How to Apply

Print and fill out a Banner Application (PDF) and submit it to the Operations Department by email or in person. Anyone can apply to install banners on street poles. The following information is required in order for the application to be considered:
  • Design of banners (or picture)
  • Location of banners
  • Dates for installation and removal

General Regulations

  • Banners must be made of durable cloth, canvas, or nylon
  • Banners must be 28" wide by 60" long, with standard 3.5" pockets reinforced by heavy nylon thread
  • Grommets are required on the pole side corners
  • Banner must be printed on both sides
  • Message must be non-political, of general interest to the public, and can not be private or commercial advertising
  • It shall not detract from or hide traffic control signs
  • Proposed design must be approved by the Municipality of Jasper