Community-Wide FireSmart Day

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What is Community-Wide FireSmart Day?

It's a day for Jasperites to work together while apart to protect our town from a wildfire. 

Wildfire season began on March 1. In an effort to reduce the threat of wildfire to our community, the Municipality of Jasper is calling on Jasperites from every neighbourhood, home and apartment building to pitch in to remove combustible debris from their yards and balconies.

Where do I take my yard waste and combustibles on May 1?

On May 1, the Municipality's Operations Department is offering a community dump run to remove yard waste and debris that was collected during FireSmart Day.
*Please ensure your yard waste & combustibles are out by 3pm on May 1*

We’re encouraging residents to put smaller yard waste items (such as grass, pine needles and leaves) into brown compostable paper bags (available at Home Hardware). Larger items do not need to be bagged.

Operations will be driving around town and picking items up from parking lanes. We’re hoping that neighbours are able to work together and pick one spot in the parking lane for pick up.
In higher density areas (Stone Mountain, Patricia Place, etc) a pick up point will be marked by operations out in a main road. 

There are also yard waste bins at the recycle centre in s-block (industrial park) where you can drop off yard waste at any time.

How to get involved:


  1. Register your household! To participate in the Community-Wide FireSmart Day, please complete our quick sign up sheet. Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, you can take part.
    *All registered households will be entered to win prizes!
  2. Become a Neighbourhood Champion! Get your neighbourhood excited about FireSmarting their properties! Neighbourhood Champions will receive an honorarium for their time and are also eligible to win prizes. To become a Neighbourhood Champion, please fill out this quick sign up sheet.
  3. Book a Virtual FireSmart Assessment! Local FireSmart Representatives are offering virtual home assessments to answer any questions you may have and to give you tips to ensure your property is FireSmart. To book yours, contact Kelly Dawson at
  4. There's an App for That! Download the FireSmart Begins at Home App to perform your own home assessment and receive recommendations for simple, cost-free renovations for your home.
  5. Gather your tools! If you require tools, Jasper Home Hardware is offering a discount for anyone purchasing tools to use during FireSmart Day. 
  6. Prepare your PPE! Make sure you have masks, gloves and weather-appropriate layers. This is a COVID-safe event and everyone is required to follow current regulations.

How to get involved:


  1. Take part! Get outside and tidy up your yard and balconies, removing flammable items that could put your house or apartment at risk, in the case of a wildfire. 
  2. Sort your waste! Bring your yard waste to the designated pick up point for your neighbourhood.
  3. Play Bingo! Complete the activities on our FireSmart Bingo card and submit photos to be entered to win prizes! Every activity you complete and photo you submit is an entry into our draw!
  4. Be Kind & Be Safe! Wave and say hello to your neighbours from a safe distance away! Follow all public health regulations, so we all stay healthy and safe.
  5. Document areas of concern! Write down areas that you won’t be able to address on your own using this form. The Jasper Fire Department will follow up with you about these areas.

Suggestions for protecting your home:

  • Rake and remove pine needles, dry leaves and combustible debris from within 1.5 metres of neighbourhood homes. As time permits, continue up to a 10-metre distance around each home.
  • Grab a measuring tape and see how close wood piles are located to homes. Woodpiles must be at least 10 metres from structures.
  • Clear leaves, needles and debris from roofs and gutters.
  • Sweep porches and decks, clearing them of leaves, pine needles and combustible debris. Rake under decks, porches, sheds and play structures, and dispose of debris.
  • On mature trees, use hand pruners and loppers to remove lowhanging branches up to two metres from the ground (be careful not to remove more than one-third of the branches).
  • Collect downed tree branches and take them to a disposal site.
  • Move items under decks and porches to garages, basements or sheds that are enclosed with screened vents (maximum three millimetre screening) to prevent ember intrusion.
  • Screen or box-in areas below decks with wire screening (no larger than three millimetres) to help keep embers out during a fire.
  • Identify and remove high flammability plants (Junipers and Cedars) from within 1.5 metres of neighbourhood homes.

What is FireSmart?

FireSmart helps communities located in forested areas to reduce the risk of wildfire to homes and neighbourhoods. It also helps property owners and communities understand the wildfire risk and how to make homes more resilient to fire. The combination of community-wide fuel reduction and backyard-level FireSmart work is our community's best defense against wildfires.
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FireSmart Your Home

During wildfires, airborne embers fly with the wind and can land in your yard, on your roof, or on the trees against your house. Help reduce the potential spread of wildfire by making your home FireSmart. The recommendations in the FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual (PDF) can help reduce the risk of wildfire to your home and neighbourhood. 

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Becoming a FireSmart Community

The FireSmart Communities Program is designed to encourage self-organized groups of residents to take the lead in implementing solutions for wildfire safety on their properties. The Becoming a FireSmart Community (PDF) outlines the steps to become a recognized FireSmart community. 

Did you know?
Jasper’s Lake Edith was the first neighbourhood in Canada to receive official FireSmart Canada community recognition.
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FireSmart Guide to Landscaping

By making some strategic choices in your yard, you can create a FireSmart landscape. The FireSmart Guide to Landscaping (PDF) includes an extensive list of fire resistant plants and tips about FireSmart gardening. 

Visit the FireSmart Canada website for more details on how you can help protect your home from a wildfire.