What to Bring

Please send your child with the following each day: 
  • indoor shoes
  • a water bottle
  • extra clothes
  • weather-appropriate outdoor clothing and shoes
  • snacks and/or lunch as required (see guidelines in the nutrition policy) A healthy, nut-free lunch will be required on full days

    Season or activity-specific items:
  • In the summer: rain wear and a sun protection (sunscreen and a hat).
  • In the winter: a toque, mittens, warm winter jacket, snow pants and warm winter boots.
  • activity-specific clothing (such as a bathing suit and towel) based on activities that are planned.

*It is important to label all of your child's belongings*

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Jasper Out of School Care is committed to using due care in the provision of service to children and with regard to personal belongings. The Program and staff will not, however, be held liable for any loss of or damage to clothing and/or other personal effects of the children.