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Support the Jasper Community Team                                                        
If you are in a position to donate to a charitable organization, please consider the Jasper Community Team Society. Funds donated go directly to the community of Jasper and support programs like: Community Dinners, Mindfulness Meditation, JasperLIFE, The Mountain Adventure Club, Seasonal Staff Welcome Events, Community Helpers, Go Girl, Go Bro, Jasper Adventure Club for Kids, Twisted Tuesdays for Teens, Brain Boost, Grab 'n Go, Family Day Skate, Family Dances, Seniors Open House, The Children's Festival, Little Yoginis, Hip Hop Tots, Santa's Anonymous, The Wilderness Access Program, The Diversity Project and the Community Caring Fund.

The Jasper Community Team's unique model of human service delivery ensures that Jasper’s needs are considered holistically and programs remain responsive to the dynamic needs of the community.