Jasper Fruit Share

Bear Berries
The Jasper Fruit Share group is a platform for residents to harvest and share fruit from fruit trees in Jasper.
  • Need help picking your fruit?
  • Want to share your fruit?
  • Want fruit but don’t have a fruit tree?
Connect through the Jasper Fruit Share Facebook Page.

If you have fruit that is ready to be picked, post a message and make arrangements privately with volunteer pickers. If you are looking for unwanted fruit to preserve post a call-out!

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have a group that is looking for a community volunteer event? Contact the Environmental Stewardship Coordinator.  

Why Pick Fruit Trees

Fruit trees that are left unpicked in the fall are a major attractant for bears. Black bears have been targeting fruit trees in the Jasper town site in recent years. They are opportunistic and will return to a food source year after year. Bears that grow accustomed to human food sources become habituated, losing their fear of humans, and pose a safety risk. The property leaseholder is responsible for keeping ripe fruit removed from their trees.

Report Bear Sightings

If you see a bear in the town site or suspect a bear has been on your property, call Parks Canada immediately at 780-852-6155 (24 hours).