Community Conversations

“One of the things we need to learn is that very great change starts from very small conversations, held among people who care.” - Margaret Wheatley

Community members are invited to join the the Jasper Community Team, a group of individuals, agency representatives, business owners and professionals that work together to create the conditions in Jasper where residents of all backgrounds, abilities and orientations can live a fulfilling life in Jasper and freely contribute to the social and economic vibrancy of the community.  

How does this work?

Community Conversations are weekly conversations about a specific age group in Jasper. During these conversations, members of the Jasper Community Team (JCT) share information about social trends and challenges residents are facing.  

The group then problem-solves together to come up with innovative, locally-driven solutions to the social challenges that are identified.
Conversations take place on on Zoom.

1-2pm, 1st Wednesday of the month: Adults
1-2pm, 2nd Wednesday of the month: Young Children (0-5 years)
1-2pm, 3rd Wednesday of the month: Seniors
3-4pm, 4th Wednesday of the month: School-Age Kids (6-17 years)

The latest conversation notes:

Other conversations:

The Jasper Immigration Coalition is also made up of JCT members and this group meets monthly to have a conversation specifically about newcomers and to work together in implementing Jasper's Settlement Strategy. 

The Newcomer Network is a conversation space specifically for newcomers, immigrants and refugees. The conversation happens monthly and informs the work of the Jasper Immigration Coalition as well as the Municipality's Community and Family Services department. 

How do I take part?

Anyone living in Jasper, or whose agency/business/organization services the community of Jasper, is invited to join the conversation.

To become a member:
Questions: Lisa Riddell - 

Please join the conversation!

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