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The health and safety of our community is our top priority.

In March, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the global outbreak of COVID-19 a pandemic.

Learn more about our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how this impacts you as a resident.

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​April 23, 2021 COVID-19 Update 

Municipality Implements Rapid Testing for Front Line Staff and Volunteer Firefighters 

The Municipality of Jasper is pleased to announce the implementation of COVID-19 rapid testing for municipal staff working in front line positions and for volunteer firefighters.
“The rapid testing initiative is an important step forward for our organization, and we encourage local employers and service providers to review the Alberta Health Services information and consider applying to participate in the program," says CAO Bill Given. 

Read the full News Release here

​April 9, 2021 COVID-19 Update 

Cases of COVID-19 in Canada, Alberta and Jasper are on the rise. New provincial restrictions came into effect as of April 6, and restaurants are restricted to being open for outdoor patio, take out and delivery only starting today.

Jasperites are reminded to be extra diligent to keep a 2 metre distance from people from outside their household at all times. The criteria to be identified as a close contact of a person who tested positive for COVID-19 is 15 minutes of cumulative exposure, regardless of whether you were inside or outside, or whether you were wearing a mask (see details below).

Please consider shopping local and supporting local businesses whenever you can, and continue to follow public health regulations to ensure that we all remain healthy and safe.

Municipal Facilities

The Fitness Centre and Bouldering Wall is closed until further notice. Household private bookings and swim lessons will continue to be offered at the pool. Please check our BookKing reservation platform for availability and pricing. Please note that the hot tub is still closed but all other amenities are open.

The Jasper Municipal Library is closed for in-person services. Staff are in the library Wednesday & Thursday 10am to 6pm, Friday & Saturday 10am to 5pm and no-contact pickup services are available. They can be reached by phone 780-852-3652 or email


Jasperites are encouraged to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment when they become eligible. For more information, visit the AHS website.

What is a close contact?

A close contact is anyone who, during the infectious period:

  • lived with or was within two metres of a person who has COVID-19 for 15 minutes or more of cumulative contact, i.e multiple interactions for a total of 15 minutes or more, even if a mask was worn during that contact, or
  • has had direct contact with bodily fluids of a person who has COVID-19 (e.g., was coughed or sneezed on), or
  • provided direct care for a person who has COVID-19, or
  • has physical contact with a person who has COVID-19, such as handshake, hugging, kissing, or sexual activity, or
  • shares items with a person who has COVID-19 such as drinks, personal hygiene items, cigarettes, vapes, lipstick, eating utensils, etc.

Wearing a non-medical mask is not sufficient to exempt you from being considered a close contact.

For more information on close contacts, and the contact tracing notification process, please visit the AHS website

What do I do if I have COVID-19, or if I am a close contact and cannot isolate?

Jasper now has an isolation hotel where residents can stay if they cannot isolate safely from their roommates or families. These rooms are made available for free by the Government of Alberta.

To find out if you're eligible, call 211.

​February 8, 2021- COVID-19 Update

Current Provincial Health Restrictions 

Due to Alberta's continued high case numbers, aggressive action is still required to protect our health system from being overwhelmed. Alberta Health will be careful not to remove restrictions too quickly. 

Starting Monday February 8, some province-wide restrictions will be eased:

  • Restaurants, pubs, bars, lounges and cafes can open for in-person service:
    • maximum of 6 people per table; individuals must be from the same household or the 2 close contacts for people living alone
    • contact information must be collected from one person of the dining party 
    • liquor service ends at 10pm 
    • in-person /dining must close by 11pm
    • no entertainment allowed (no VLT's, pool tables, live music, etc.
  • Children's sport and performance activities are permitted if related to school activities, such as physical education classes
  • Indoor fitness one-on-one training is permitted

All other mandatory restrictions (below) will remain in place until further notice.

  • No indoor social gatherings are allowed, in any setting
  • Outdoor social gatherings are allowed up to 10 people. Indoor gatherings remain prohibited.
  • If you live alone, you can have two social contacts outside of your home
  • Working from home is mandatory unless the employer requires a physical presence for operational effectiveness.

Complete details on the current restrictions in Alberta are available on the provincial website:

COVID-19 community updates

The ECC (Emergency Coordination Centre) was activated in March, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to liaise with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and coordinate information sharing between local agencies and organizations. One of the ECC's objectives is to provide weekly updates during the COVID-19 pandemic. Updates are published on Fridays on the municipal Emergency Coordination Centre page and Municipality of Jasper updates are posted on the municipal Facebook page. 

December 11, 2020 

Mayor Richard Ireland is asking that if you are considering a visit to Jasper, to please consider the new mandatory Provincial health measures. 

Watch the YouTube video here.

December 9, 2020

The following masks and face coverings rules are now in effect in the Municipality of Jasper:

Masks or face coverings are required:

  • In all indoor public spaces
  • In all indoor workspaces
  • On sidewalks downtown
  • On sidewalks near hotels
  • In all outdoor spaces where a two metre distance can’t be maintained

While new temporary provincial measures were announced late yesterday, Jasper Municipal Council held a special meeting to increase the masking requirements in effect in Jasper specifically, as long as our community remains under the Alberta Health enhanced classification.

  • Face coverings are now required on sidewalks near hotels (east and west end of town), in addition to sidewalks downtown
  • Face coverings are now required in all indoor workspaces, including behind physical barriers (i.e. plexiglass) and whether the space is accessible to the public or not

These recommendations were brought forward by the Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) and approved by Council based on local observations from stakeholders, including Jasper’s physicians.

A number of local cases were linked to transmission in the workplace, and in some instances, even when physical barriers were present. The directive applies to “any group of people in excess of one” in an indoor workplace setting.

November 30, 2020

Mayor Richard Ireland is asking Jasper residents to take action to protect ourselves, each other and keep Jasper safe.
Watch the YouTube video here. 

November 27, 2020 

Mayor Richard Ireland is asking that visitors to Jasper follow local and Provincial COVID-19 rules.
Watch the YouTube video here.

November 26, 2020 

Starting on Friday, November 27, the Jasper Activity Centre will be closed.

  • Under the new provincial COVID-19 measures, indoor group activities are restricted at this time. The gymnastics program, dance program and the seniors lounge will also be closed until further notice. Please direct any inquiries to program organizers.
  • The Out of School Care program will still be operating and parents will be kept informed through Wildflowers Childcare. 
  • Glenda the Great will remain open for catering only.

Jasper Arena

The Jasper Arena is scheduled to open on December 19th, subject to changes in provincial COVID-19 measures. More information will be provided closer to the scheduled opening date.

November 26, 2020 

Jasper Urges Visitors to Follow Covid-19 Rules - News Release
“We are thrilled that regional visitors continue to support Jasper’s tourism industry during the pandemic,” says Jasper Mayor Richard Ireland, “and we kindly ask that our guests continue to follow the health restrictions in place across the province, and local requirements, when visiting our community.” Click here to read the News Release

November 20, 2020

Physicians at the Jasper Cottage Clinic are asking that if you test positive for Covid-19 to call them at 780-852-4885 (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm) for a virtual visit. After hours, please call the Seton Health Centre at 780-852-3344 to discuss your case with the on-call emergency doctor.

AHS is no longer able to contact trace all new cases and Covid-19 positive residents are being asked to notify their contacts. Jasper Physicians are able to assist in contact tracing as well as help with monitoring of symptoms. 

If you feel you are having an emergency please call 911 and identify yourself as a "Covid-19 positive patient" 

 Face coverings required in Jasper

masks requiredAs of August 4, face masks, or face coverings, are required on Jasper's downtown sidewalks and in all public indoor spaces.

Face coverings are required:

  • On the west side of Connaught Drive between Hazel Avenue and Aspen Avenue;
  • On Patricia Street between Hazel Avenue and Pyramid Lake Road;
  • On all connecting public sidewalks between those streets;
  • On all public sidewalks where a 2 metre distance cannot be maintained; and
  • In all public indoor spaces, including all businesses, facilities, patios and indoor areas that are open to the public.

Everyone will be required to wear a face covering that fully covers their nose, mouth and chin when in public spaces, including specified sidewalks, stores, facilities and public buildings. 

There are several exceptions to the rule, including children under two, people prevented from wearing a face covering due to medical conditions, and people eating or drinking while at assigned seating within the establishment from which they obtained the food or drink. Please note that people do not have to prove that they are medically exempt from wearing a mask. 

For more information, check out the Temporary Compulsory Face Covering Bylaw and the August 5 news release

Physical activity exemptions

Council passed Bylaw #230: The Jasper Temporary Compulsory Face Covering Bylaw Amending Bylaw. This bylaw amends The Temporary Compulsory Face Covering Bylaw, allowing people to temporarily remove their face covering or mask when engaged in physical activity, including water activities, in an indoor public place. 

The amending bylaw, Bylaw #230, applies to municipal facilities and privately owned facilities.

Signage will be placed in municipal facilities, indicating when and where a mask must be worn. 

It is the responsibility of each facility operator to adhere to provincial health standards or other standards established by the province. Any operator of an indoor public place can increase those standards as they choose.  

Facilities and Services 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to change the way they do business, including the Municipality of Jasper. We temporarily closed many facilities and implemented new practices to prevent the spread as we continue serving our residents. As the situation evolves, so does our municipal response. Below are the latest updates on what’s open, what’s closed and other municipal services.

Community and Family Services 

The Community and Family Services building, located at 627 Patricia St., remains closed to the public. Staff are delivering services virtually or by phone.

Community Outreach Services - OPEN

Community Outreach Services is operating virtually and is now taking on-on-one meetings by appointment.

To make an appointment with an Outreach Worker for confidential, non-judgmental support, contact 780-852-2100. COS is open Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm.

Daycare & Out of School Care - OPEN

Wildflowers Childcare’s early learning and Out of School Care (OOSC) programs resumed on June 8. 

Following the updated Alberta Health Guidelines for daycares and out of school care programs, Wildflowers opened with up to 24 early learning spaces and eight Out of School Care spaces. In the future, as health regulations change, so could these numbers.

Culture and Recreation

Fitness Centre, Aquatic Centre and Climbing Wall - OPEN 

The Fitness Centre, Aquatic Centre and Climbing Wall reopened on September 21, 2020. Click here for information on current measures and booking procedures. 

Face coverings

Face coverings are required in all indoor public places, including the Fitness and Aquatic Centre. However, people may temporarily remove their face covering or mask when engaged in physical activity, including water activities. Face coverings must be worn in common areas like the vestibule. Detailed signage is placed in respective municipal facilities, indicating when and where a mask must be worn.

Visitor tracking

In the event of an outbreak, we’re asking users to sign-in to the Activity Centre using a QR code, which has been placed on both entrances of the facility. Please ask staff if you need assistance. 

View the check-in form


The new water slide has been installed and is fully operational. 


Due to the complexity of the situation and resources required, it could take a few months before we offer any programming like swimming lessons and Aquafit. We will continuously evaluate how things are progressing. If things are going well, we can then consider reactivating programs.  

Visitor tracking 

In the event of an outbreak, we’re asking users to sign-in to the Fitness and Aquatic Centre using a QR code, which has been placed on the entrance of the facility. Please ask staff if you need assistance. 

View the check-in form

Squash and racquetball court 

Squash and racquetball courts are currently closed due to unexpected required maintenance. 


To contact the Activity Centre call 780-852-3381. 


As of July 7, the Administration office is once again open to the public. Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday, with an hour closure for lunch between 12 pm and 1 pm.

To ensure the safety of staff and residents, only two visitors will be allowed in the office at one time. Outside, you’ll notice pylons indicating where to wait if there are already two people inside.

All visitors will be asked to sign in when they arrive and use hand sanitizer before and after their visit. A hand sanitizing station is set up at the front desk.


On June 15, the Operations Department resumed plastic recycling, which had been suspended along with beverage container collection in March. 

For now, the collection of beverage containers remains suspended, however, the Jasper Bottle Depot is open and accepting beverage containers.

Protective Services

In order to meet the approved 2020 operating budget, Council directed staff to reduce the Protective Services workforce –specifically to reduce staffing in Bylaw Enforcement. This will affect the following services:

  • Response time to calls and complaints;
  • Complaint investigation and resolution; 
  • Amount of foot patrols downtown; 
  • Enforcement of illegal camping; 
  • Response to general traffic infractions; and
  • Decreased level of service for permits, storage lots, business licensing, encroachments, traffic control, noise complaints, animal control, inter-departmental support (street sweeping, snow removal, water works, illegal dumping), security at municipal facilities, emergency management support and general support to the community

Council meetings

Council will no longer meet in person, until further notice. 

Out of an abundance of caution, Council made the decision to no longer meet in person at the Jasper Library and Cultural Centre. All meetings will be completely conducted through Zoom until further notice. This does not change public viewing of meetings.

The public can continue to watch live meetings through Zoom or watch them later on our YouTube channel. Instructions on how to tune in to live meetings are on the first page of every agenda package. 

What is the Municipality doing?

Keep Jasper Safe - public health campaign

Keep Jasper Safe Pledge Banner

In mid-July, the Municipality developed a public health campaign to encourage residents and visitors to practice physical distancing and to wear mask in spaces where it isn’t possible to stay two metres apart.

This campaign also included in the Take the pledge! initiative. 

Stickers and posters were delivered to businesses in the commercial business district on July 17. 

The campaign also includes large reader boards at the east and west entrances to town and hand outs at the Parks Canada gates.

Sidewalk seating & retail extension permits 

To help with physical distancing, the Municipality has created a Temporary Sidewalk Seating Extension Permit and a Retail Area Extension Permit. Permit holders can expand sidewalk seating or retail displays by using the parking lane in front of their business.

The speed limit in the commercial business district has decreased to 30km/h as part of the sidewalk seating and retail area extension project.

Municipality of Jasper COVID-19 Recovery and Relaunch

Find out how the Municipality of Jasper intends to navigate the recovery and relaunch of municipal facilities and services, including strategic guiding principles and a framework to guide decisions going forward.

Download the document (PDF)

Emergency Coordination Centre 

The municipal Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) deactivated on June 15 – the same day the Government of Alberta lifted the provincial public health emergency. All operational activities have been transitioned back to respective municipal departments.

The ECC was activated in March, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to liaise with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and coordinate information sharing between local agencies and organizations, as well as mobilizing support for the community such as the community information phone line, the Jasper COVID-19 Mutual Aid Facebook page and the Emergency Social Services meal delivery program.

Municipal staff continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation in Alberta and continue to work with community partners to ensure public health directives are being followed. Staff are also prepared to re-activate the ECC if warranted.

Emergency Social Services (ESS) 

ESS, a branch under the municipal ECC, answered the COVID-19 Referral Line, monitored the COVID-19 Mutual Aid Facebook page, assisted residents with food and basic needs deliveries, facilitated access to accommodation for residents who required a space to self-isolate and liaised with local agencies to provide the most up to date information to residents and the ECC.

ESS Statistics

  • 246 meals delivered
  • Meals were donated by the Community Dinner program, Coco’s Café and Easy Eats by Pursuit and were made available to residents through the activated ESS response.
  • 4 deliveries of basic needs
  • 8 volunteers trained and ready for food running or Friendly Phone Calls requests
  • 50+ posters and flyers delivered and hung for Friendly Phone Calls
  • 4 people helped in finding self-isolation accommodation

ESS was deactivated near the end of May - a typical first step as ECCs prepare to deactivate.

Council establishes COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force 

Mayor Ireland was appointed as Council’s representative on the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Task Force; Councillor Damota was appointed as Mayor Ireland’s alternate.

The purpose of the Economic Recovery Task Force is to provide recommendations on strategies and actions to position the community to safely and effectively resume welcoming visitors, in accordance with public health directives. Member organizations seek opportunities for alignment and coordination between agencies, and work together to ensure that the conditions for future visitor economy success are met. Each member organization continues to act under their own jurisdiction and authority.

Property tax and utility bills penalty deferrals 

In response to the impact COVID-19 is having on Jasper residents and business owners, Council deferred penalties on property tax and utility bills. This means bills are still due, but you have until September 1, 2020 to pay for them without additional costs.

Municipal building tenants 

Council waived rent for tenants in all municipal facilities which are closed due to COVID-19. This waiver will remain in place until facilities re-open.

Council approves reduced budget in response to COVID-19

The pandemic forced facility closures and service constraints, and staffing reductions were implemented to reflect those changes. In April, Council approved the 2020 operating budget with a reduction of $982,000 from the 2019 tax requisition (a 12.3% decrease).

The Municipality is also facing loss of revenue from user fees due to facility closures and less use of municipal utility services, while some operating costs remain fixed. The reduction in the 2020 tax levy, reflecting economic concerns associated with the pandemic, will require continued workforce and service reductions. Council gave administration two forms of direction:

1) Plan for the possibility of facility closures until the end of 2020; continue the implementation of previously identified reductions; and reduce transfers to reserves by 25%; and

 2) Bring facility or service restart requests to Council in a timely fashion as public health directives allow for those services to reopen.

Council also cancelled numerous capital budget projects, which had been approved earlier in 2020.

View reduced or cancelled 2020 capital budget list.

Facility closures

On March 15, Administration closed all municipal facilities and suspended some services including plastic recycling and bottle container collection. As noted above, some facilities have reopened while others remain closed as Council and staff discuss recovery and relaunch plans.

Information for visitors 

As the province continues with its relaunch plan, we warmly welcome you back to Jasper.

We are encouraging visitors to come prepared with their own COVID-19 kit, including gloves, face masks and hand sanitizer. As per the provincial health recommendations, everyone is encouraged to wear a non-medical mask in public when it’s difficult to maintain a physical distance of two metres.

Jasper businesses have been working hard to put in place the appropriate measures to ensure the safest and best possible experience for guests and residents. Be prepared to wait in lines or change plans and respect all regulations set up by respective businesses. Remember to be patient as our business community adjusts to today’s normal. We are in this together.

Alberta COVID-19 information

Please respect others and share our public spaces, so we can all continue to safely enjoy them.

  • Give others space to allow for safe physical distancing;
  • Wear a mask if you know you will be unable to keep a two metre distance from others;
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water;
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when washing your hands isn’t possible;
  • Stay home if you’re sick or if you’ve been in contact with someone who is sick


Whether you have symptoms or not, Alberta Health Services is asking all Albertans to get tested for COVID-19.

Book your appointment today at

The latest information about COVID-19 is available from the Government of Alberta at

Concerned about an establishment or individual not following the Alberta public health orders?

File a complaint with Alberta Health Services online; the information will get communicated to the local health inspector, who will investigate the complaint:

Contact Us

Culture and Recreation

Membership fees for recreation facilities (including the gym, pool and activity centre) will not be charged during the closure. More information will be communicated to members as it becomes available. 

Any inquiries for the Fitness and Aquatic Centre team can be directed to or leave a message at 780-852-3663. Please note that all evening sports programs held in local schools (basketball, volleyball, pickle ball, etc.) are also cancelled.

Community Outreach Services

If you need support accessing federal, provincial or local services, Community Outreach Services is here to help.
Give us a call at 780-852-2100.

Stay Connected

Check our website and social media for updates on the municipal response: 

All individuals in Jasper should sign up for emergency alerts from the Municipality of Jasper

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Messages from the Mayor

Message from Mayor Ireland on COVID-19, April 2, 2020

Message from Mayor Ireland on COVID-19, March 23, 2020

Message from Mayor Ireland on COVID-19, March 20, 2020