Sidewalk Seating & Retail Area Extension

Temporary Sidewalk Seating Extension Permit & Retail Area Extension Permit

To aid in the promotion of Alberta Health Services’ COVID-19 physical distancing requirements, the Municipality of Jasper has created a Temporary Sidewalk Seating Extension Permit and a Retail Area Extension Permit. Permit holders can expand their sidewalk seating or retail displays by using the parking lane in front of their business in one of the following ways: 

  • Use the whole sidewalk in front of the property for customer seating or retail displays and divert the sidewalk into the parking lane, or
  • Use the parking lane for customer seating or displaying products

Below are links to the respective permit applications and a guide to help you complete your application. Please read both carefully before submitting.   

Please note: These are PDF forms that must be downloaded and saved to your computer before being completed. 

Guide for Temporary Sidewalk Seating Extensions & Retail Area Extensions

Temporary Retail Area Extension Application

Temporary Sidewalk Seating Extension Application

Things to know 

  • Site plans must comply with Alberta Health Services rules for physical distancing
  • This project has been expedited to accommodate the summer season, please be patient if we have to make changes based on feedback from you or other stakeholders 
  • You must include proof of $5 million liability insurance, with the Municipality of Jasper listed as an additional insured party
  • Boardwalks cannot encroach onto neighbouring property lines unless you’ve confirmed and documented support for the proposal in the form of a signed letter.
  • To avoid unnecessary expenses we advise you to wait for the approval of your plans before purchasing materials or services
  • This project is strictly temporary and finishes promptly on October 16, 2020


Please email the Bylaw Department at   

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