Jasper Skatepark Relocation

Project Background

At the February 3, 2021 meeting, Council approved up to $300,000 in matching funding for a new Skatepark, subject to matching funds being secured from external sources.

Council also directed Administration to look into allocating a portion of “Diamond A” in Centennial Park for construction of the skatepark.

The relocation was suggested due to the current location having underground utility lines running through it, which makes it a less than ideal location to cover in concrete. The cost of relocating the utility lines alone would be around $200,000.

Administration met with Trevor Morgan of Newline Skateparks and Darrell Savage of the Jasper Skateboard Park Committee on-site at Diamond A to discuss the feasibility of construction at this site while considering the merits and concerns around a potential relocation.

In the opinion of the consultant and the Skatepark Committee representative, overall site conditions appear to make it a suitable location for the new skatepark. There were no significant obstacles or barriers identified and it was noted that having this location in an already established park with existing amenities is also beneficial.

There was discussion of using natural elements such as local stone as features in the skatepark design in order to reflect the spirit of our community. The skatepark would be completely accessible and welcoming. No significant challenges were noted in adapting the current design to the Diamond A location. This has become the preferred location by the Skatepark Committee and Newline Skateparks.

Below is a link to the conceptual layout for the skate park at Centennial Park as well as a detailed diagram of what the skatepark will look like.

Jasper Skate Park

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