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The Jasper Cemetery is located on Highway 16, near the east entrance of the Jasper town site.  

Eligibility for burial in the Jasper Cemetery

The deceased must meet one of the following requirements:
a) at the time of their death was a resident of Jasper National Park;
b) at some time during their life was a resident of Jasper National Park; or
c) is the Immediate Next of Kin of a person whose remains are buried in the Cemetery or who will be, upon their death, eligible to be buried in the Cemetery.

Plots or graves may not be pre-purchased; they may only be purchased at the time of passing.

In certain circumstances, most commonly when the deceased has been predeceased by a family member, a plot or grave may already be owned, in which case, proof of ownership is required.

How is a burial arranged?

The next-of-kin or personal representative of the deceased must complete an application for a cemetery plot certificate and an application for cemetery register.
Forward completed applications to the Municipality of Jasper’s Legislative Services Coordinator at 303 Pyramid Lake Rd., P.O. Box 520, Jasper, Alta., T0E 1E0 or by email at

Applications must be received seven days prior to the interment.

An invoice for the plot and interment services will be sent to the applicant following the burial.

Other things to know

On the day of the burial, once the private service has concluded and the urn or casket has been placed in the ground, municipal staff will close the grave.

Installing memorial monuments and tablets

The next-of-kin or personal representative of the deceased must complete an application for the placement of monument or memorial tablet.
For detailed regulations please read Section 7 of the Jasper Cemetery Bylaw.

The Municipality of Jasper does not create or install monuments or tablets. Municipal staff mark plots accordingly for the installation of a tablet or marker; and are on call to aid with properly locating plots.

If there is already an adjoining monument on a plot, it is the responsibility of the family to move the monument prior to an interment.

All monuments and tablets must be approved by the Municipality of Jasper before installation. Please consult with us before having your marker created.

Once approved please inform the Municipality of Jasper of the date and time of installation. This will allow us to properly mark the plot.


Emma Acorn
Legislative Services Coordinator or 780-931-4806