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Public engagement

"One of the things we need to learn is that very great change starts from very small conversations, held among people who care.” - Margaret Wheatley

Jasperites are invited to participate in any number of Community Conversations each month. At Community Conversations, participants talk about the changing needs of residents, share ideas and problem solve together! Each conversation is one hour long. Check out the schedule below.

Community Conversations

Each conversation happens once a month and is one hour in length. You can attend in-person or by zoom. 

  • Early Childhood – What are young families facing in Jasper?
  • School Age Children  - What are school age children and their families experiencing in Jasper?
  • Seniors – What are the changing needs of older adults in Jasper?
  • Adults – What do adults face living in Jasper?
  • Arts and Culture – What arts and cultural opportunities are there in Jasper?
  • Recreation – What recreation opportunities are there in Jasper?
  • Environmental Responsibility – What opportunities do we have to protect the environment in Jasper?

Should you join? 

  • Are you caring and passionate about the Jasper community? Then yes! 
  • Do you represent or have connection to any of the topics listed above? Then yes! 
  • Are you motivated to make Jasper a better place? Then yes! 

To sign up for a conversation, complete and submit this form:

Community Conversation Participant Application

Can't make it to a conversation but still want to give input?

Fill out and submit this form to have your voice heard.

What happens at Community Conversations? 

During these conversations, Jasperites share their perspective around trends impacting residents and/or opportunities to work together.

Together, the group shares ideas and problem solve together to find innovative and locally driven solutions to the challenges our community face. 

Community Conversations provides a strong foundation for collaboration and relationship building across sectors within the community of Jasper. 

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