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Everyday Basics

Below are links to places that offer the basic services and products you need for day to day life in our community. 


Food Recovery and Food Bank

  • Jasper Food Recovery stops food from going to the landfill. Check out their Facebook page for current opening hours.
  • Jasper Food Bank provides food to residents in times of need. It is located at the Anglican Church and is open every Thursday from 6-6:30pm. you can find out more information on their Facebook page.

Phone: 780-931-5327


Laundry Services 


Note: Most pharmacies offer home delivery services. 

See related services such as medical clinics and health information on our Healthcare page  

Pet services

The Jasper & Valemount Veterinary Clinic can take care of all your pet’s needs. 

You are also required to get a License for some pets (such as cats and dogs). Learn more about Pet Licences in Jasper. 

Homeware Products 

The following places sell day-to-day household products you may need:  

You will also find homeware products in local stores and other retailers. 

Mechanics (Vehicle Repairs and Servicing)

Taxis & Transportation

Local taxi services

  • Caribou Cabs: 780-931-2334
  • Jasper Cabs: 780-852-4555

Transportation outside of Jasper

  • E-Bus: Offers bus services between Edmonton and Kamloops via Jasper.
  • SunDog Transportation & Tours: Offers bus services between Jasper and Edmonton, Calgary and Banff.
  • Via Rail: Offers train services across most major cities and towns in Canada. 

Used goods 

People are often selling new and used products on Facebook Buy and Sell pages. These pages are a great way to save cash and find items you may not be able to buy in town. 

Jasper United Thrift Shop: In the basement of the United Church there is a local thrift store. Check out the Jasper United Thrift Shop Facebook page for information on hours of operations and how to donate. 


Learn more about childcare, early learning and schooling on our Schools and Childcare page. 

Utilities and Garbage

If you own a property, you will have to set up utilities such as gas, electricity, water, sewer & garbage. 

Garbage, Recycling and Compost:

Dispose of household garbage in the large bins that are located on each block of all residential and commercial areas in Jasper.

The waste bins are colour coded: 

Brown: Residential waste

Blue: Cardboard recycling

Green: Kitchen compost

Learn more about recycling, composting and sustainability in Jasper.

Electricity & Gas:

The Utilities Consumer Advocate website has more information and compares options for electricity and gas providers in Alberta. Below are some commonly used providers:

Water and Sewage

If you own a property, you will have to sign up for water and sewer services. See our Utilities page for details and contact information. 

Internet Access 

Because Jasper is a rural location, there may be a delay to setting up wifi. Use the Whistleout website to compare prices or contact the following service providers for more information: 

Wifi in Jasper: The following places  offer free public wifi connections for accessing the internet:

                                                                      Many local cafes and restaurants also offer WIFI access to customers. 


All mail goes to the local post office and is sorted into either PO Boxes or General Delivery. The post office is located at: 502 Patricia Street, Jasper.

Mailing address for General Delivery

You can have mail sent to General Deliveries and collect any mail at the post office counter with your ID.

General Delivery – *Your Name* 

502 Patricia Street, Jasper AB T0E 1E0

Please note you will not receive notification of any mail waiting for you in General Delivery. 

Get a Post Office Box

  • Visit the Jasper Post Office, 502 Patricia St. to sign up for a PO box. 
  • Bring proof of ID and your residency in Jasper (such as a drivers license, rental lease, staff-housing agreement or pay-stub).

Opening hours: