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Financial Information

Budget Presentations concluded at 4pm on Tuesday, November 29 as Committee provided further direction to Administration on the draft budget. 

On November 15 & 16 Committee received presentations and budget requests from the following community groups:

  • Jasper Municipal Library 
  • Habitat for the Arts 
  • Jasper Yellowhead Historical Society 
  • Jasper Crisis Team 
  • Jasper Artists Guild 
  • Evergreens Foundation (seniors' bus) 
  • Community Futures West Yellowhead

Committee also received presentations from staff including an overview of factors impacting the 2023 municipal budget, and departmental requests from Finance & Administration, Community Development, Protective & Legislative Services, and Operations. The presentation continued on November 29 with Utilities and further discussions. 

Committee directed Administration to include specific changes to the draft budget proposal, which is scheduled for approval at the Tuesday, December 6th Regular Council meeting. 

Budget information and documents

Watch a full recording of the meetings on our YouTube channel: 

Day 1 - November 15 - 

Day 2 - November 16 - 

Day 3 - November 29 - 

Questions and comments about the budget?

Priority Based Budgeting

The Municipality of Jasper is introducing a priority-based budgeting process for 2023. In a priority-based approach, Council identifies its strategic priorities, which become the foundation for a collaborative, evidence-based process to rank programs and services according to how well they align with the priorities. Funding is then allocated in accordance with the ranking.