1. Speed Limit Changes

    Speed Limit Changes to 30 km/h

    The speed limit in the area surrounding schools and playgrounds is changing to 30 km/h at all times to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety. The change will take place before the start of the school year. Watch for signage in the area. Read on...
  2. cdf-edf

    Community & Economic Development Fund

    Applications invited until September 30. Non-profit community groups. local organizations and individuals can apply to the fund for specific initiatives. Visit the Fund page for details. Community & Economic Development Fund
  3. Jasper Community Team Logo.jpg

    Jasper Community Team Society - Call for Contracted Administration Services

    The Jasper Community Team (JCT) is seeking a part-time contractor to provide administrative support to the organization. Read on...
  4. Bike Repair Station

    Public Bike Repair Station

    Thursday, September 1, 7:00 p.m. - Learn how to use the tools at the public bike repair station with a representative of the Jasper Park Cycling Association! The station is located at the north end of the public washrooms on Connaught Drive. Read on...
  5. bear berries

    Jasper Fruit Share Program

    Need help picking your fruit? Want to share your fruit? Want fruit but don't have a fruit tree? The Fruit Share program is a platform for residents to harvest and share fruit from trees in Jasper while reducing bear attractants in the town site. Jasper Fruit Share page
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