1. Municipality of Jasper Alert Centre

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    Bylaw Enforcement Downtown

    Summer is here and so are the visitors! In response to the increased traffic in our community, our summer Municipal Compliance Officer has been assigned to continuous foot and bike patrols in the downtown core. Read on...
  3. Municipality of Jasper

    Council approves the Waste Reduction Regulation Bylaw

    The Waste Reduction Regulation Bylaw, approved on June 4, legislates a ban on plastic checkout bags. The bylaw comes into effect on July 1 with the exception of Section 5: Penalties, which will come into force and effect on a date proclaimed by council. More information about the bylaw...
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    Jasper Evacuation Guide

    Be wildfire ready: know the risks, make a plan and get a kit. Download the guide to get started. Jasper Evacuation Guide (PDF)
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    JasperLIFE Hosts Successful Summer Welcome Event

    Nearly 550 summer staff, representing 62 local businesses, attended the JasperLIFE Summer Welcome Event at the Jasper Skytram, May 14. The annual event creates connections between new staff and local resources, groups and adventure-based businesses. Read on...
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  1. Water Slide Closure

    The water slide will be closed until further notice. Questions? Contact the Fitness & Aquatic Centre at 780-852-3663.
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