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Settlement Services

Welcome to Jasper! Please come by and say hello.    

At Jasper Settlement Services, we help immigrants learn all about Jasper. The service is free and available in multiple languages. We can access translation and interpretation services. We can help you access a computer or internet.   

At Settlement Services…   You will find information on: 

  • Healthcare 
  • Transportation 
  • Government 
  • The legal system 
  • The postal service 
  • Housing
  • Living in Jasper National Park

We can help you:

  • File your taxes 
  • Upgrade your education 
  • Sign up for English language courses
  • Sign up to volunteer in Jasper
  • Find employment opportunities

We can help you:

  • Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) 
  • Apply for healthcare in Alberta
  • Apply for a Permanent Residence (PR) card
  • Apply to become a Canadian citizen
  • Apply to get your education or qualifications recognized 

We can help newcomer students and their families:

  • Register for school 
  • Communicate with the teacher
  • Join fun programs and clubs
  • Understand the school system
  • Connect to services available
  • Connect newcomer students to other students

We are here for you! 

Contact Settlement to receive the support you need.

Phone: 780-852-2100

Facebook: Jasper Settlement Services

Meet your Settlement Workers: Safaa and Danel

What’s Happening In Jasper? 

Check out the Community Calendar to stay up to date on events, programs and activities happening in Jasper.

Learn more about life in Jasper from the Community Guide (Coming soon!) and through the Information and Resources hub on our website.