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Finding Housing in Jasper

It can be difficult to find housing in Jasper. As the town is located within a National Park, Jasper residents must meet Parks Canada's eligible residency requirements. There are also strict rules about building which has led to a shortage of housing options. 

Here are some resources to help you find a place to live:

Staff Accommodation: Some employers provide staff accommodation to employees. Ask your employer if this is available to you.

Local Rental Listings: 

There are 3 local Facebook groups where people post rooms/houses for rent: 

Apartment BuildingsCall these numbers to ask about vacancies and put your name on a waiting list:

Cabin Creek East: 780-852-1999

Cavell Apartments: 780-852-4482

MPL Place: 780-931-3135 

Tete Jaune Apartments: 780-852-1999 

JKM Apartments: 780-852-3617 

Ramparts Apartments: 780-852-1999 

Walk Ups: 780-852-1999 

Willow Apartments: 780-931-6665 

Yellowhead Apartments: 780-852-5500

The housing information listed above is also available in the Jasper Housing Brochure as a downloadable PDF.

Affordable Housing

MPL Place:  

Mountain Park Lodges (MPL) is an affordable housing development for residents. Note that to apply for a suite you must meet eligibility & Core Needs Income Threshold (CNIT) requirements.

MPL Application form

Co-op Housing:  

Privately owned and operated affordable housing cooperatives exist in Jasper. These town-homes range in size from one to four bedrooms. These homes provide not-for-profit purchase opportunities for eligible residents. Please note these are not rental properties.

Please contact each Board directly for more information:

Safe Housing

The Province of Alberta has Minimum Housing and Health Standards. All renting and staff housing premises should meet the standards. To learn more about the renting in Alberta, visit the province’s website.  

Know your Rights 

It can be difficult in Jasper to find a place to live. Some of the local businesses supply staff accommodation, but they are not required to do so. When on the job hunt, make sure to ask if the business has housing. Rental accommodation (including staff accommodation) is regulated by the provincial Residential Tenancies Act. This act protects your rights as a tenant as well as the rights of the landlord. It's best if all tenancy agreements be in writing and that both the landlord and the tenant complete a written inspection report within seven days of moving in and out. Call 1-877-427-4088 for more information.

Alberta Emergency Funds

If you need immediate funds for basic food, shelter or other needs, you can use the Emergency financial assistance |

Utilities, Garbage, Internet

Once you have a place to live, you may need to set up utilities such as gas, electricity, water, sewer & garbage. Check with your landlord to see if these are included in your rent. The Utilities Consumer Advocate website has more information and compares options for electricity and gas providers in Alberta. Below are some commonly used providers:

Electricity & Gas:

Water, Sewer:

If water, sewer and garbage removal costs are not included in your rent you will have to sign up for these services. See our Utilities page for details and contact information. 

Garbage, Recycling and Compost:

Learn more about recycling, composting and sustainability in Jasper.

Internet Access 

For setting up an internet or cable tv connection in your home, you can compare service providers and plan options available in Jasper using the Whistleout website. Keep in mind that because Jasper is a rural location, there may be a delay to get services connected by a technician. 

Wifi in Jasper: The following places  offer free public wifi connections for accessing the internet:

Jasper Activity Centre

Jasper Fitness & Aquatic Centre

Jasper Municipal Library

Jasper Employment & Education Centre

Many local cafes and restaurants also offer WIFI access to customers. 

Getting your Mail

Jasper does not have door to door delivery of mail and packages; all mail goes to the local post office and is sorted into either PO Boxes or General Delivery. 

Sign up for a Post Office Box by visiting the Jasper Post Office. You will need to have proof of ID and your residency in Jasper (Such as a drivers license, lease or staff-housing agreement).

If a PO box is not yet available or you are living in Jasper temporarily you can have mail sent to General Deliveries and collect any mail at the post office counter with ID. The mailing address for General deliveries is:

General Deliveries – *Your Name* 

502 Patricia Street, Jasper AB T0E 1E0

Please note you will not receive notification of any mail waiting for you in General Deliveries. 

The Post office is located at: 502 Patricia Street, Jasper.

Opening hours: